About Us

Everyone have unique quality it is called "Talent".  Like Modelling, Singing, Dancing, Acting, etc.  

Fortune The Rising Star provides You to explore your talent in front of the world on our Scopic and Universal platform. 

Fortune The Rising Star first judge your talent through Auditions ( Online and off line Auditions). After Auditions we do organize workshops to polishing  your talents . Our Expertise team members help to enhance your talent skills and  build up  your confidence on the Stage in front of huge crowd.

After attending our Workshops you will be able to gain confidence and know more about your talent.

Our Vision-

We are a platform for people to learn,improve and ignite positive changes within themselves.


Fortune The Rising Star is help to Motivate our India Youth.

We inspire people to be comfortable in their own skill and to believe that inpiduality is one of the key qualities that make them distinctly beautiful.Not only making your career through education, We do support aspirants to built up their Career choosing  their passion( Modelling, Dancing, Acting)

What We Do

1. Fortune The Rising Star gives platform to Fashion Designer in Our Live programs. As Fashion Designer you in College or have experienced in Fashion Desiging can join our Fashion Shows as Fashion designer and Shows your skills through our Fashion Shows. As Fashion Designer you can sale your dresses and get big apportunities in our upcoming fashion shows.

2. Fortune The Rising Star gives you chance to show your inner and outer beauty as Model by Ramp walk in our Fashion Shows.

As Model you get chances in our Branded Photo Shoots, brands promotional Shoots, print Shoots, Jewellery Shoots, Online Channel Partners like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart etc Shoots.

As Model you get chances in National Television Advertising Shoots etc.

3. Fortune The Rising Star provides You Singing Programs with attentive Audience who enjoy your Voice and Value your Singing talent.

Our Expertise teach you how to perform on National level Stage with Big music bands.

We Value your Sweet voice and give you chance in our Programs.

4. Fortune The Rising Star give you chance as Dancer also. We all know,Dance is self-creation and fulfillment-using your body to create art and to access your inner beauty and strength.but lack of encouragement and right path many people do give up on their way.they do not choose path by choice according their passion. Fortune The Rising Star is giving you platform to show your talent

First you can perform your natural Dance.Our Expertise teach you how to perform dance in professional way.

You can dance single, with partners or in Group dance, different styles like Folk dance, Classical dance, Western dance etc.

5. Fortune The Rising Star do your Advetising. You have own business, Shop, Salon, Hotel, Restaurant any kind of Business. We advertise your business.

Through our Advertising, you get more reach in the local public and help to expand your business.

6. Fortune The Rising Star we promote your college, all educational activities, schools promotion activities, Co - Cultural activities.

Through our promotions colleges, Schools get quality Students who really serious for Studies and Career.

7. We do organize live concert, DJ night, musical event.

8. Fortune The Rising Star Organise Fashion Shows, Educational Programs, Health Awareness Programs, Careers Guidence Seminars with Experience faculty, Yoga Workshops, Self defense training, Corporate Seminars etc.

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